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Life After Trauma

When a traumatic event strikes a community, there can be a collective impact of pain, loss, and anxiety that trickles down and has lasting psychological effects. From the Boston Marathon bombing to a deadly typhoon in the Philippines, The Chicago School of Professional Psychology faculty and staff are often called on to participate in a national conversation about how to cope as a community and find solutions to heal. From
this collective struggle come stories of hope, strength, and resilience.

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Follow The Leader

Throughout Dr. Manika Turnbull’s professional career—which now finds her Chief of Staff for Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois and a new member of Diversity MBA Magazine’s Top 100 Under 50 Diverse Executives & Emerging Leaders List for 2013—the TCSPP grad has remained committed to two critical goals: helping business leaders foster empathy and inspiring open communication in the corporate workspace.

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Q&A: Mental Health Parity Law

As one of the upcoming symposiums during The Chicago School of Professional Psychology’s 35th Anniversary celebration emphatically declares, there is “no health without mental health.” The two go hand in hand. For this Q&A discussion, we chose to explore the Mental Health Parity Law, a component of the 2013 Affordable Care Act (ACA) that adds teeth to mental health equity initiatives in 2008 and 2010 that had never been properly enforced.

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Leading The Conversation

Three Washington, D. C. campus faculty members join Dr. Michele Nealon-Woods in September for the 2014 Leadership America Event

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World View

The Ricardo Grunsten Award Honors a TCSPP Legend While Supporting the Work of Three Inspiring Graduates
Priscilla Cheng
The newly established Ricardo Grunsten Award for Excellence in Scholarship and Community Service was founded to honor students at The Chicago School who have shown an unwavering dedication to service learning, volunteerism, and community service.
The inaugural winners of the award—Audrey Milburn, M.A., Los Angeles campus; Priscilla Cheng, LMFT, M.A., Chicago campus; and Keri Lynn Doyle, Washington, D.C. campus—each received $5,000 in exchange for reaffirming their commitment to serving diverse populations wherever their degree might …

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The “E” Factor

TCSPP’s new behavioral economics community partner helps students research why we are attracted to certain brands by studying the emotions of marketing.

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Still Making History

The Chicago School of Professional Psychology celebrates 35 years of excellence with a series of events aimed to reframe the national conversation on mental health.

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President’s Letter

A Time to Heal
Dr. Nealon-Woods shares personal experience with trauma.